Fly Rods

  • Karte


Tonkin bamboo fly rods, hand-crafted according to your wishes, make fishing a unique nature experience. Carefully matched taper ensure an optimum casting behaviour. Perfect processing of selected materials represents natural perfection and beauty.

For nearly 20 years I have been intensely involved with rod making. Traditionally crafted rods from light / super fine dry fly rods to double-handed rods belong my standard programme.

Additionally, I also offer custom-made fly rods: Blanks as spiral rods , quad or penta, nodeless  or hollow-built rods, and special features such as bamboo ferrules or decorative splicings - anything is possible! (Rod pictures - gallery)


  • BambooferruleBamboo ferrule
  • QuadrodQuad rod
  • SwelledButtSwelled Butt

All rods are marked on the ferrules for easy assembly.

  • Huelse


All fly rods manufactured by me have the characteristics and features that you as a fisherman expect from an exclusive hand-made split cane rod:

  • excellent casting performance
  • perfect finish
  • custom design

In close dialogue we jointly put together your fly rod according to your wishes and specifications concerning action / casting behaviour and look / design.