Single-handed Rods

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Alternatively, you can select from a series of proven split cane rod models.

"RS-Ultralight" - length 6'3"ft/190 cm; line weight 2; 2-pc
A very, very fine rod, ideal for clear mountain streams and the most precise presentation of small flies.

"RS-Preciosa" - length 6'8"ft/203 cm; line weight 3; 2-pc
A "medium-fast" rod, equipped with a very fine tip. The rod already works at close range and, because of its structure, holds sufficient reserves to cast also medium distances.

"RS-Liwet" - length 7 ft/213 cm; line weight 4; 2-pc
A rod with a "faster" action and a fine tip - ideal for fishing with dry flies. It is a wonderful rod for small to medium waters.

"RS-Signum" - length 6'3" ft/190 cm; line weight 4-5; 2-pc
A powerful rod with fast rod action. Due to the short length it is very well suited for use on overgrown waters.

"RS-Klassik" - length cm 7'3 "ft/220; line weight 4, 2-pc
A sensitive rod with nearly parabolic action. The rod has a tough backbone and a remarkable speed. Ideally suited for fishing with a thinner leader.

"RS-Sinfonie" - length 7 ft/213 cm; line weight 5; 2-pc
A genuine all-round rod with fast rod action. "The careful calculation of taper ensures the fine and precise presentation from close range to remote distance." (See Fisch & Fliege magazine No 13, page 90)

"RS-Isaria" - length 7'6" ft/228 cm; line weight 5; 2-pc
Powerful rod with progressive rod action that covers the full spectrum of fishing for trout and grayling. It is versatile - from dry flies to nymphs. This rod is very easy to cast with.

"RS-Tonkina" - length 8'0" ft/243 cm, line weight 5; 2-pc; hollow-built
This rod has a medium, progressive rod action. Suitable for larger waters due to its length.

"RS-Tonkina +2"  - length 8'2" ft/249 cm, line weight 5; 2-pc; hollow-built
Constructed in the same way as the model above - but with extra length.

"RS- Fortis" - length 8'0" ft/243 cm; line weight 6; 2-pc; hollow-built
This is the strongest rod model which I offer as a standard. A rod for heavier trout fishing, for using weighted nymphs and streamers.


Upon request different line weights, lengths and / or divisions.

Here is a small selection of fly rods that I built (Rod Gallery)


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  • Rollenhalter4

The following design features you can freely specify for your new split cane fly rod (examples):

  • Handle: length, shape
  • Reel seat: design, type of wood
  • Stripping guide: Tungsten carbide, agate
  • Guides: hard chrome plated, browned, gold plated
  • Hook keeper
  • Ferruling: nickel silver, bamboo ferrule
  • Wrappings: type, colour
  • Inscription


  • Agate1
  • Agate2
  • Agate3
  • Agate4

On special request, I will also craft your rod with a classic taper from well-known rod manufacturers (eg Garrison, Leonard, Payne).

Of course, all fly rods are also available in flamed version.

Your new split cane fly rod will be delivered in a hand-sewn fabric case and in a classy transport tube.