About RS-Flyfishing

  • Robert

I have discovered my enthusiasm for fishing at the age of 10 and have spent many hours at lakes and rivers ever since. Over 30 years ago I started fly fishing. Around that time I also began to tie my own flies in order to provide myself with the flies I desired and needed as an avid fly fisher.

Professionally, I am a master cabinetmaker as I especially enjoy working with natural materials and prefer hand crafted products to industrial mass-produced goods. My greatest wish was to combine fishing with my profession. I first started by building furniture and various accessories for fishers and fly tyers. My enthusiasm for fly fishing eventually inspired me to builsplitcane fly rods "Handmade in Bavaria".


Apart from meeting some of the most renowned rod makers of our time as Hoagy G. Carmichael, Jeff D. Wagner, Glenn Brackett..., the visits to Walter Brunner in Steyr, Austria, count into my most impressing experiences. The excitement and joy with which Mr. Brunner, even in old age, was speaking of rod building and fly fishing, confirmed me in having taken the right path.


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  • Gerd-PeterWieditzGerd-Peter Wieditz

I would like to thank my long-time friend, Gerd-Peter Wieditz, rod builder and fly tyer for the many inspiring discussions and the professional exchange.