Rod Gallery

In the galleries you can see a selection of fly rods in various designs, as well as related detail shots.

Click the images to see detail pictures.

  • ZebraZ1-EN
  • RuteR1-EN
2 tiger stripe fly rods                         Fly rod 7,3ft/2,21m; #4; 2-pc with intermediate wraps
  • Scrim1-EN

  • Bamko1-EN
Fly rod 7,3ft/2,21m; #4; 3-pc, in bamboo case. Reel seat
from ivory with scrimshaw. All fittings are blued.
                        Fly rod 7ft/2,13m; #5; 3-pc, in bamboo case. All fittings
are hand engraved.
  • 3er-1-EN
  • Isar1-EN
Fly rods, #4 and #5, 2-pc                         Fly rod 7,6ft/2,28m; #5; 3-pc
  • Rute1-EN
  • Niko1-EN
Fly rods 7,3ft/2,21m; #4; 2-pc, spirally twisted blank with
decorative splicings and bamboo ferrule
                        Fly rod 7ft/2,13m; #5; 2-pc

  • Zwillinge1-EN
  • RuteA1-EN
Fly rods 7ft/2,13m; #5; 2-pc, twins                         Fly rod 6,3ft/1,92m; #2; 3-pcs, with 2 tips
  • SwelledButt1-EN
  • Viking1-EN
Fly rod 8,2ft/2,49m; #5; 2-pc, with swelled butt in
ebony and bamboo ferrule
                        Fly rod 8ft/2,44m; #5; 2-pc. All fittings are hand engraved.

  • RuteMeg1-EN
  • Zweihandrute-HS1-EN
Fly rod 8,6ft/2,59m; #7/8; 2-pc, flamed blank with bamboo ferrule                         Double-handed rod 12,6ft/3,81m; #8/9; 3-pc
  • ReiseFliegenrute-1-EN
  • Rutenpaar1-EN
Travel fly rod 8,2ft/2,49m; #5; 5-pc, with bamboo ferrules
in olive wood case. All fittings are 24k gold plated.
                        2 fly rods with leather tubes

  • Quad1-EN
  • Thon1-EN
Fly rod Quad 8ft/2,44m; #5; 3-pc

                        Fly rod 6,8ft/2,03m; #3-4; 2-pc with bamboo ferrules, 
all fittings are 24k gold plated.