Double-handed Rods

Being an avid salmon fisherman, I also offer double-handed split cane rods as a part of my portfolio. As with the single-handed rods, I craft my double-handed rods with a maximum of quality and casting performance.

  • Robert-Lachs

The rods have a progressive rod action and are designed for casting with modern Spey lines and shooting head  systems.


  • Gary-Cast
  • Gary-Fish

Spey cast by Spey casting world champion Gary Scott


The rods are hollow built up to the tip to reduce the weight. At the same time, this leads to an improvement in rod recovery. With the longer rod (13ft and up) the blank is additionally designed in a two-layer construction.


  • Hollow
  • Tape

The rod parts are joined with the classical, spliced connection. This connection provides the best power transmission from one rod part to the next, not interrupted by ferrules. Apart from that, this connection resists the torsional forces permanently occurring during the Spey cast - without the danger of breaking rods as with metal ferrules.

There are rod models in lengths of 12 ft - 14 ft and in line weights of 8-10 available.


  • DoubleHand-HS
  • DoubleHand-Wall
  • HS-DoubleHand-Butt